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SA-361 Defender Siren

Our Siren offers simple plug in connection with reliable performance. The SA-361 Defender remind to be the affordable choice for law enforcement, security, and volunteer firefighters!

SA-385 Alert

The SA-385 Siren gives you just want you need...and more! This Siren offers simple plug in connection and a significantly smaller size!

SA-441M MagForce Mechanical Siren

The SA-441M MagForce Mechanical takes warning sound performance to the next level!

SC-409 Command Siren

Introducing the SC-409 Commander: the most technologically advanced and stylish console mount light control siren!

SC-411 RD Elite Force Siren

The SC-411RD-10 14 Elite Force dual tone siren developed for smaller spaces with the same options as a full console unit!

SC-550 Stealth Siren

The Stealth Siren hand control features a rubberized face with a built-in microphone for P.A. override. 

SC-1022 Volunteer Siren

The SC-1022 Volunteer hand-held remote 100-watt siren with light controls all in the palm of your hand, ideal for the volunteer that wants the siren out of his way when not in use.

SA-365 Defender Siren

Our SA-365 Defender Siren enables the driver to have hands free control while still being affordable!

SA-441 MagForce Siren

The SA-441 MagForce Siren is engineered for both law enforcement and emergency rescue applications.

SA-500 Cruiser Siren

The SA-500 Cruiser is one of the most efficient, rugged, reliable, and functional 100/200-watt sirens on the market today!

SC-411 HD Elite Forces

The splash-resistant handheld controller offers programmable siren tones, light and arrow stick controls, and our patented video trigger capability.

SC-411 RS Elite Force

The SC-411RS-10 14 Elite Force single tone siren developed for smaller spaces with the same options as a full console unit. 

SC-1012 Volunteer Siren

SC-1012 Volunteer 100-watt remote siren with light controls was designed with the volunteer firefighter in mind offering complete versatility. 

HA-150 Under Hood Stutter Horn

The HA-150 Under Hood Stutter Horn gives a courtesy boost by providing a loud and legal all-weather, audible warning component to your POV light package!

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