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SC 411-HD

Introducing the SC-411 HD, the most technologically advanced and stylish console mount light control siren. The new remote Elite Force siren series introduces the new Quick-Clone® duplication technology making it easy to transfer option settings from one unit to another without the need for an external computer, ideal for fleet installations. The splash-resistant handheld controller offers programmable siren tones, light and arrow stick controls, and our patented video trigger capability.


Handheld Controller: 2-1/4″ H x 5-3/8″ W x 1-1/8″ D
Amplifier: 8-1/4″ H x 8-5/8″ W x 2-1/8″ D

  • Horn

  • Manual

  • Wail

  • Yelp

  • Phaser

  • HiLo/Two Tone

SC-411-HD-Elite-Force Carson Siren
Tech Specifications
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